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Our childrens' teachers specialise in educating children of all ages, and combine learning a language with having fun! Children’s classes are held in areas or rooms separate from adults, so as not to interfere with lessons. For children there are two study options, the private or pair lessons, or the special children’s program, which is 2 hours of daily lessons, 3 days per week, and lasting a total of 4 weeks. The private program for children entails up to four hours of study daily (we do not recommend more), one to six days per week, with a teacher who specializes in children education.  There are many methodologies in the teaching of languages, and most are subject to interpretation as far as their benefit is concerned.  We have no set curriculum, as each individual has different learning needs, and their own particular strength in picking up a language (e.g. visual learner, audio learner, etc.)  Unlike adults, with children it also depends much more on the age and maturity level of the child.  What we do is formulate our lesson plans for each individual student, after giving placement tests, both written and spoken.  From there we develop a plan of study suitable to each learner.  With children, songs, games, and music are incorporated more in the lesson to stimulate interest.  Also, children are more often used to fortify their learning through association. 

Childcare is available for a nominal fee.  All childcare workers are well known to the school and have extensive experience caring for children.  Children are taken care of in a safe and secure home.  Home stays can be arranged with families who have children around the same age as a student’s child. 

For minors coming to the school – they need written permission – a letter stating that you are his/her parent or legal guardian, having his/her permission to attend ILC as well as giving us permission to secure lodging for him/her. Include the date and your contact information.  The letter should be faxed to us a minimum of one week prior to arrival, and the original letter needs to be submitted to the school office upon arrival.


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